April 2, 2020

AgencyLogic Announces Profit Sharing Facebook Business Page Service to Further Enhance Social Real Estate Marketing Solution

Product joins follr.com social business card and single property Websites in providing an all encompassing solution for REALTORS and company’s marketing property online.

Wappingers Falls, NY – January 19, 2010 — AgencyLogic (www.agencylogic.com), the global leader in the single property Website market, has announced an innovative new profit sharing Facebook business page development service as part of their social real estate marketing platform.

real estate facebook business page

The company has been selling single property Websites since 2004 and formed a separate business unit, Social Gears, LLC, in 2007 to focus on social application development. The beta version of the follr.com social business card was released in June 2010 and by adding Facebook business page design services the company further extends and ties together the marketing effectiveness of all products while additionally leveraging the enormous power of the dominant social network.

Stephen M. Fells

Stephen M. Fells

“Too many real estate agents and businesses are unaware that using their personal profile to market homes is against Facebook Terms of Service,” states AgencyLogic CEO Stephen Fells. “Those who ignore this fact run the very real risk of having their Facebook account permanently revoked. By using a Facebook business page built by AgencyLogic our clients not only protect themselves but also get to leverage all of the other benefits inherently and uniquely available to them via our products and the viral marketing opportunities that Facebook provides.”

Clients with an AgencyLogic Facebook business page will also benefit from a profit sharing program. Any business referred back to AgencyLogic from a client’s business page that results in a sale will generate a commission with no limit on the number of referral payments.

“Given current economic conditions we are very excited to include a profit share program with this service essentially making it possible for our clients to get a free Facebook business page,” continued Fells. “We are trying to do everything we can to not only keep but put money in our client’s pockets.”

Tennessee Realtor Laurie Sheinkopf said “I chose AgencyLogic to create my Facebook page as they are the only company that offers a complete marketing and branding solution. I also use their PowerSite property sites which appear like magic on my Facebook page and on my social business card.”

The company is marketing the service through a dedicated Website (www.realestatefacebookpage.com) and will additionally leverage a recently formed national sales team and increased marketing department.

Mark Wayman

Mark Wayman

“We more than doubled our staff headcount in 2010 and continue to hire in order to support our projected growth,” said AgencyLogic CIO Mark Wayman. “Hires in all areas have enabled us to create a 2011 development plan that far exceeds anything we have previously tried to achieve.”

AgencyLogic will also allow existing affiliates and white label clients to resell the AgencyLogic Facebook business page service continuing a long held approach to growth; focusing on the company’s core competency of software development while partnering with businesses that provide sales and marketing services. 2010 growth in revenue (up 26%) and single property Websites sold (up 32%) through a combined affiliate and white label network further underlines the success of this approach.

Jeff Roberts

Jeff Roberts

“We recently moved a significant portion of the AgencyLogic software platform to the cloud which allows us to provide full screen, high-definition photos as well as handle images more efficiently and to support significant expansion overseas,” said AgencyLogic CTO Jeff Roberts. “Given our plans on rolling out several other initiatives in 2011, software enhancements and infrastructure upgrades like this position us to better serve our current and future client base.”

First quarter plans include rolling out the entire social real estate marketing suite of products to Australia and New Zealand with other English speaking countries to follow later this year. Follr.com will also move out of beta and an in development Facebook application will further tie all of the products together. Development has also begun on a WordPress based Agent and Broker Blogsite product fully integrated with PowerSites and with Social Business Cards.

About AgencyLogic

AgencyLogic is a division of Network Earth, Inc., a technology company founded in 1995 with a history in developing complex Web-based software for financial institutes and startups. AgencyLogic has provided Web-based marketing services to the real estate industry since 2004. Social Gears, LLC (a business formed in 2007 and wholly owned by Network Earth, Inc.) additionally provides expertise in social application. For more information, please visit www.netearth.com, www.agencylogic.com, www.socialgears.com and www.follr.com.

About AgencyLogic Vendor Programs

AgencyLogic provides two vendor programs to individuals, brokers and large organizations looking to provide single property Websites. Both the Affiliate and White Label Program include a fully featured version of the AgencyLogic software platform and related products. As a software platform it can be quickly and seamlessly integrated into existing offerings and infrastructure. AgencyLogic’s Vendor Programs can benefit any type of company looking to add a competitive service and additional revenue stream to their business. The software platform is currently used by an ever increasing number of single property Website and virtual tour companies.


  1. I’ve had great success with the single property websites and I am now looking forward to creating a facebook business page.

  2. Well done buddy! With the new rules they have put in place on the business pages it is important that every business have one – that includes Realtors. Gives you so much more flexibility in terms of getting your content in front of your customer base.

  3. THANK YOU!!!!!! Exactly why I started my real estate team page awhile ago.

    “Too many real estate agents and businesses are unaware that using their personal profile to market homes is against Facebook Terms of Service,” states AgencyLogic CEO Stephen Fells. “Those who ignore this fact run the very real risk of having their Facebook account permanently revoked.