April 7, 2020

Allow us to introduce ourselves……

We are NY/Metro Real Estate and technology professionals collaborating to maximize each of our web exposure and generate business referrals.

The LSSMC meets monthly for dinner to connect and discuss the issues and challenges in the industry and how to prosper by networking/introductions. Relevant speakers attend to provide value to members and to offer their unique perspectives.

Our site, Luckystrikersnyc.com is a cooperative content syndication portal.

Lucky Strikers know that Social Media means business!

Amongst members, partnerships are made, projects are conceived and advice is given. Members are each other’s resource.

Membership has its privileges. Only members may contribute to this blog and expect the benefits. Invited guests can apply for membership after attendance at three meetings.

LSSMC projects include the 2010, 2011, and 2012 RE Barcamps. The 2013 Barcamp is one of our our next ventures.

Please visit our Facebook or Google+ pages for updates..

-The Lucky Strikers Team