February 18, 2020

Reported research results rarely tell a true story

Way back in the dark ages, when I was in graduate school getting a master’s in communication, the subject of opinion research so interested me that I developed and conducted a survey for my master’s project. The result of that intense effort has been my enduring interest and unmitigated skepticism about polls and other studies […]

Buyers ask, ‘Who needs brokers anyway?”

More and more folks searching for a new home are bypassing real estate brokers. According to research (shown in the table above) by the National Association of Realtors, 38 percent of buyers found the home they ultimately purchased from a sales agent last year. Contrast that statistic with

We brokers make too damn much money

There, I said it: Broker compensation is indefensible. An independent broker who is a friend of mine and I were having — how to put it? — a robust discussion at the last monthly meeting of the Lucky Strikers Social Media Club.  We talked about commissions (without violating anti-trust laws, heaven knows). I ventured an […]

Buyers can improve their cash flow easily

  Buyers can stretch their purchasing power with a simple change they often overlook. (Flickr photo by [email protected])   When contemplating the purchase of real estate, particularly in high-priced areas such as Manhattan, buyers often forget one useful way to boost their cash flow. The omission pivots on how much of a tax benefit they […]

Get the best from your broker

Going around in an amusement park, a dance floor or an athletic field makes sense. But it doesn’t when it comes to your broker. (Flickr photo by gaco79)   Congratulations, you decided that a real estate broker is the best way to find, negotiate for and ultimate purchase a new home. Well, I suppose you […]

Lucky Strikers Strike Gold with Two Real Deal mentions

Now, after two years of sitting on the sidelines, would-be investors are showing a renewed interest in Manhattan condos, the Real Deal maintains in its March issue, which was published today. Industry experts attribute their reentry to several factors, says the magazine: Prices have stabilized while rents are ticking up, mortgages are easier to obtain, […]

If sellers don’t dictate the price, who does?

Eighteen offers on a single property ought to be all the proof anyone needs that the market is king when it comes to valuation. Shown above, a Tribeca loft received all those offers in a mere week, one of which already has been accepted. With two bedrooms and baths, the third-floor condo was listed at […]

If you want a doorman building, go condo

It’s just about the next best thing in Manhattan to having a chauffeured limousine always at your disposal. That would be living in a doorman building. Door personnel and concierges obviously do like to get paid for their work, and that means you’ll fork over plenty in common charges or maintenance fees to live in […]

It is wise to recall where many good deeds go

(Flickr photo by NoHoDamon) I loaned a substantial sum to a relative of mine 10 years ago so he and his wife could have the downpayment for the purchase of their first home. Big mistake. The loan, plus interest, was due last month. But I won’t see a cent for a long time, if ever. […]

All bad things should come to an end

When a broker fails you, cut your losses. (Flickr photo by cooling) There isn’t a seller who doesn’t begin to wonder what his or her broker is doing wrong as the weeks and months pass without an offer. Yet the silence may have nothing to do with the quality or performance of the broker. For […]