February 18, 2020

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Eat & Learn: Jill Vegas Talks About the Value of Making your Home Look Good

Fast and easy with a checklist of suggestions — from making the entryway welcoming, to the ultimate cook’s kitchen (without spending a bundle) and asking the all-important questions, is it a bath or a spa? Even the excellent concept of speed cleaning. And the best part, anybody (even the design-challenged) can do SPEED DECORATING. And […]

And…..We’re back!

Just a quick formal announcement to let you all know that the migration from our old host to the new one is complete. We shouldn’t have anymore problems. Hope to see you all tonight at the event!   -Patrick

Can’t afford to go to BlogWorld NYC? You can now: Last second discounts

Due to a good friend of mine and my (as well as Lucky Strikers’ love of blogging) I have secured some discount codes for the BlogWorld going on tomorrow through Thursday.  Here they are:   healyVIP – will get you 50% off of the expo pass which will get you into all of the parties […]

Still Wish To Map Real Estate Listings? See Fusion Tables!

Google may have dropped their ‘real estate listings database to mapping service’, but it doesn’t mean real estate professionals don’t have FREE options. For instance, check out Fusion Tables?

Online, It All Begins With Your Brand: Why Wouldn’t You Build It Right?!

Why build a site if it’s not supporting greater overall web- wide brand visibility and engagement??

Organic Advertising III: It’s Got To Be About Conversion!

If blogging & social media don’t convert then why bother?

[Media] Lucky Strikers Healy, Hinricher and More Get Real Deal Mentions

This month’s Real Deal newspaper highlighted a number of new big-name real estate projects that have entered the Manhattan marketplace with the Lucky Strikers getting several prominent mentions. See below for more from Patrick Healy (Phacient), Ryan Hinricher (Investor Nation & RealYields.com), Malcolm Carter (Charles Rutenberg Realty) and Sandy Edry (The Edry Group at Citi-Habitats).

Organic Advertising Part II: In Order To Improve, You’ve Simply Got To Analyze!

Measure Past To Optimize Future Content, What Is Truly Actionable?

RealPartner.com – Can’t We All Just Get a Loan?

Banks continue to restrict lending and services while squandering billions in tax payer monies The answer to this play on pop culture question is no, but nor should we.  Nowadays however consumers who can’t get a mortgage are seen as “not viable”, but it’s for the wrong reasons. Let’s go back, but not too far back, to a […]

Organic Advertising Part I: What’s Your Plan?

Organic Advertising More and more business people are publishing to blogsites and social networks. It’s no longer a secret that good organic advertising strategies work, and they work cheap! What was once a relatively uncrowded space for local business advertisers is not only more crowded, but getting more complicated. To continue to have a leg […]