February 18, 2020

Broker Talk New York: Understanding Dual Agency

As many of you may know, Section 443 of the New York Real Property law has been revised to require a broker in co-op and condo transactions to obtain written acknowledgment of the the principal-agent relationship being entered into and consent to a broker acting as dual agent. Under certain circumstances, the broker may obtain advance consent. […]

A Cautionary Tale, Brought to You by the 92nd Street Y

A Safe Harbor Is Not so Safe I can’t think  of a more comfortable place to discuss a novel about the art world than the 92nd Street Y. Those of us who have attended a “Q & A” softball session at that venue with one of our favorite performers or writers (for me, it was a […]

REQUIRED READING: Kim Kardashian, Inc.

An article by Eric Wilson in the Times last Thursday covered a sojourn by Kim Kardashian to her new store in Soho for a jewelry release (for those who didn’t know, “hoops are a staple”). The event attended by hundreds, bummed out many of the locals, who can’t believe that some version of the Jersey […]

Going Postal on the Postal Service

There’s a piece on Huffington from this past Saturday on how the post office lost even more money last year than anticipated.  I just don’t get the urgency to dismantle one of the few things in our bureaucracy that actually works. Think about it, for forty-four cents, you put a letter in a box anywhere in the […]

Somebody’s Watching

If you don’t know about RapLeaf, you should. This company places tracking cookies on your computer and actually knows who you are by name and by Email. It knows your preferences, political leanings and much more, based upon the websites you visit. It then sells your information to companies that might be interested in you. […]