February 16, 2020

Competition Vs. Collaboration: To Share or Protect?

I was talking with another real estate colleague yesterday and our discussion revolved around the use of technology to increase productivity, improve sales, and increase revenues.  Throughout the discussion we were citing examples of tools that helped increase property exposure through syndication or lead generation applications.  The question came up in our discussion; do real […]

Mashable Features Product of Lucky Striker as 1 of 3 Tools to Increase Sales

As real estate professionals close the book on 2010 and look towards 2011, leveraging technology to grow one’s real estate business has become paramount.  This week Mashable featured our own Stephen Fells’ Agency Logic product, PowerSites in the article, “3 Tools Realtors Can Use to Increase Sales“.  The article focuses on products that will not […]

Housing Shortage to Become Reality

The title might have thrown you off. What housing shortage? There is, in fact, a shortage of new home construction now and it’s about to get worse. The National Association of Home Builders recently made a downward revision on the number of homes to be built by end of 2010. That number is 479,000. Next […]

Foreclosures Slow, Rates Hit New Lows, Building to Jump 40% in 2011 – The Week in Housing

Every Monday I offer a quick look back on the top housing news over the past week. Here’s an excerpt from yesterday’s article; “Foreclosures may have had a rare down month in October, but don’t expect it to last. Interest rates struck a new low, while mortgage activity is up. We round out the week […]

Foursquare Foreshadows Behavior Changes

Many of the New Yorkers reading this will understand the atmosphere in Union Square on a Saturday afternoon. The square hosts its Green Market 4 days per week. Walking through it to catch a train can sometimes be always is hectic. Over 140 vendors line the area on the weekend. Everyone from pumpkin vendors to […]

Evangelizing the Impossible

Has your real estate business gone viral?  Has your website been taken down by an onslaught of traffic in one day when your article was shared by Chris Brogan?  How about getting a million buyer representation agreements in one day because of your new release?   Unfortunately this hasn’t happened to you or me and isn’t […]

Will Social Save Your Real Estate Business?

Social networking certainly elevates brain activity (proven here), but how does this impact your real estate business?   During a period which interest rates are sitting at all-time lows (non-inflation adjusted), and mortgage purchase applications are at super-low levels not seen in 13 years, do you think social networking is the answer?