April 7, 2020

Broker Talk New York: Understanding Dual Agency

As many of you may know, Section 443 of the New York Real Property law has been revised to require a broker in co-op and condo transactions to obtain written acknowledgment of the the principal-agent relationship being entered into and consent to a broker acting as dual agent. Under certain circumstances, the broker may obtain advance consent. The requirement to obtain written acknowledgment and consent is new to co-ops and condos. For a variety of reasons, this new requirement is causing a degree of havoc in the brokerage community and has the potential to create unexpected conflicts and potential problems. To reduce the stress level for brokers dealing with these issues for the first time, I will be having a converstaion on this topic at the REBarcamp on January 11th. I hope you can join me for a “give and take discussion” on the Rubik’s Cube known as dual agency.

For more on this, see my post on Huffington: Broker Talk New York: Understanding Dual Agency.


  1. Malcolm Carter says

    From what I’m hearing and seeing, brokerage firms are freaking out about dual agency. They are explaining and explaining, seemingly causing more confusion and than clarity among many brokers and agents. While the disclosure is essential and commonly practiced elsewhere, the concept is pretty basic and well worth hearing from Ron.