February 22, 2020

Can’t afford to go to BlogWorld NYC? You can now: Last second discounts

Due to a good friend of mine and my (as well as Lucky Strikers’ love of blogging) I have secured some discount codes for the BlogWorld going on tomorrow through Thursday.  Here they are:


healyVIP – will get you 50% off of the expo pass which will get you into all of the parties and the keynote addresses. Many places in NYC will charge you $25 for a round of beers. Now you get two days of BlogWorld with access to all of the parties. This is a VERY good price for all that you get. Specifically, you get:

  • Access to Exhibit Hall on Wednesday & Thursday
  • Access to Keynote Sessions on Wednesday & Thursday
  • Access to Thursday Networking Reception on Exhibit Floor
  • Access to Official Evening Networking Parties & Mixers too!

Click here to sign up for an expo pass.


healy20 – get you 20% off a any other pass to the conference. Still not a cheap ticket but hey, last I checked none of you were looking down your nose at $260 – which is what you save on a full conference pass. For many of you, it’s probably your annual association dues. 🙂  Here’s specifically what you get with a full pass:

  • The best value and the ONLY pass which includes access to the Social Media Business Summit.
  • Access to all conference sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
  • Access to exhibits during open hours on Wednesday & Thursday
  • Includes Tuesday Party, Wednesday Opening Party and Thursday Networking Reception on Exhibit Floor
  • Includes FULL ACCESS BREAK AREA (which includes lunch and snacks on all three days)

Click here to sign up for a conference pass.

There are several other passes you can get like a one day or a two day. Check it out. If you were putting off going to BlogWorld because you missed the early bird special think of this as a resurrection. To be honest, the expo pass is worth it alone just for the three massive parties that are going on this week.  I don’t know about you guys, but I would buy the ticket to hang out with Gary Vaynerchuk alone!


Hope to see you there.