April 7, 2020

Craigslist spammers now targeting room renters in NYC

They say in New York, the two toughest things to find are love and an apartment.

And they’d be right.

I was just notified that the city I live in has informed my landlord that the apartment I live in is “illegal” according to zoning laws, and I have 30 days to vacate.


So?  How do I solve this situation quickly so I find a bed to sleep in instead of sleeping on 42nd street?

Craigslist has become one of the major sources of finding a room to rent in the city.  That’s actually how I found my current place, which truly has been a fantastic spot…until now.

Within 24 hours, I had sent out over 30 emails to different ads for rooms to rent in the city.  Locations vary from eastern parts of New Jersey to Astoria Queens to numerous neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

The responses I’ve received have been jaw dropping.

What’s REALLY been interesting has been the amount of spam responses I’ve received.

Want a laugh?  Here’s a sample of one…

This is absolutely great, I’ve been waiting to read from an interesting tenant that really want to secure the place. My father work in government office in the year of 1991 before he died while my mother live in UT where she own a big farm. I just got my retirement letter from NAVY some months ago and my family want me back home in UT. I will like to know the maximum number of tenant that want to move into the place and if is there is any pet. I will consider Short or Long Term lease if you can promise to take very good care of the place once you move in.

I want you to  email me once you  fill the rent application form, the shipment of the package containing the keys and other documents will be ship by secure courier service once the deposit payment is paid.

Since I was born yesterday, I know darn well that’s totally true and real and sent a money order via pony express last night.

OH!  There’s PLENTY more where that came from!  It seems that there’s also an engineer who is working in the U.K. who “needs someone to watch their place” and (my favorite) a guy who is overseas working on car engines and finding some new thing for some car.

I’m all for free market captialism.  I’m all for systems that are consumer friendly and remove the middle man for the benefit of the end user.

But this is ridiculous.

Someone who has a minimum of three brain cells would know that isn’t legit at all.  They know better to send money.  And if they aren’t, the deserve to lose their cash.

Out of the 30 emails sent, I had TWO legit responses.


In a city that, as a certain man who ran for Governor said a few weeks ago “the rest is too damn high,” many of us look for roommate situations to make things easier.

Someone needs to make a system that makes that side of real estate easier and cost effective.  And someone could make millions from that.