February 22, 2020

Eat & Learn: NabeWise’s Ann Montgomery on Consumers’ Demand for Neighborhood Information

While so many smart real estate folks realize the important of providing local lifestyle content to clients, a recent NabeWise consumer survey found that over 50% of people said that lack of neighborhood information was the #1 most difficult part of figuring out where to live.

To dig deeper into this, NabeWise conducted a series of surveys examining what types of neighborhood information people want, where and when they want it, and who they want it from.

At this month’s Lucky Striker Social Media Club, Ann Montgomery, CEO of NabeWise, will discuss the six key findings that every real estate professional should know about the consumer’s demand for neighborhood information, and the enormous opportunity this presents to our industry.

When: Wednesday, March 14th
7:00 pm (sharp!)

Seats are very limited. If you’d like an invite to the event, please click through to our Facebook page and post a request. We’ll be in touch ASAP.


About Ann & NabeWise:

Ann Montgomery is the CEO and Co-Founder of NabeWise, a digital media company focused on revealing the distinct microcultures of neighborhoods around the world.NabeWise is as much about capturing community identity and celebrating local culture, as it is about helping people discover and experience new places in a more authentic way.

Ann has a background in marketing, strategy, business development, and social engineering with experience in the consulting, recruiting, and digital media sectors. Her understanding of subscription-based content along with the fact that she’s moved more than 35 times, gave her the initial idea for NabeWise. To date, Ann has bootstrapped NabeWise to more than 20 cities, a team of 7 people with freelancers around the world, and profitability.

Ann is a vegetable enthusiast, avid people-watcher, and armchair anthropologist currently residing in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

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