April 2, 2020

Get ready for RE Barcamp Rye! #REBCRYE



If you are not aware, RE Barcamp season is upon us. There are many that are going on as we speak and hundred, nay, thousands of real estate professionals are getting the best education currently avaliable in the industry from them (IMHO).

The format of Real Estate Bar Camps foster innovation and engagement. It is rare that
anyone leaves one without at least one new idea, not to mention a bunch of new contacts
to expand both professionally as well as personally.

This is also very much the idea behind our Lucky Strikers Social Media Club, we
convene monthly gathering for dinner and discussion – but more importantly strives to
encourage learning, growth, engagement, connection, and supporting its members and their businesses – beyond the dinner tables!

We are pleased that some of our members have been involved in planning #REBCRYE,the first bar camp being held in Rye on Saturday September 11th, if you haven’t RSVP’d yet, you should as it’s poised to be an awesome event. A great opener to the REBC season in the greater NYC metropolitan area.

First stop, #REBCRYE. Next stop, #REBCAC during Triple Play. Last stop #REBCNYC before Inman.

Are you getting on the train ? Don’t be left behind at the social media station.