April 2, 2020

Going Postal on the Postal Service

There’s a piece on Huffington from this past Saturday on how the post office lost even more money last year than anticipated.  I just don’t get the urgency to dismantle one of the few things in our bureaucracy that actually works. Think about it, for forty-four cents, you put a letter in a box anywhere in the country, and a couple of days later, it shows up in another part of the country, with a tremendous degree of accuracy. I know everybody is jacked up on debt reduction and cost savings and many things do need to be trimmed or eliminated…but I would put this one at the bottom of the list. We waste a lot of money in this country, but this is one thing that works relatively well. Rubber chicken birthday cards are fun…but it’s just not the same as getting a card in the mail, is it?


  1. Ron, I think I may be on the other end of things with you. I really think that the post office has outlived its usefulness. I wrote a rant about them a while back on my quick blog here https://www.luckystrikersnyc.com/blog/going-postal-on-the-postal-service/

    I am definitely of the school of thought that they either have to overhaul this organization in a big way or do away with it and turn to the privatized options. There is no reason why FedEx or UPS can’t handle letter delivery as well. “I want to cancel the mail!”


  2. Ryan Hinricher says

    Could we privatize it and it not be a $8bb drain on the tax payer and still get a good value? There is probably a lot of waste and the price may even be lower if corporations ran it. FedEx is already transporting a bunch of the mail at a premium to the tax payer anyway. Maybe FedEx or UPS could come up with snail services.

  3. Karen Brewer says

    the point here to remeber is that we could probably get the same piece of mail for .15 cents worth of postage without the unions etc.Just cause youre willing to pay certainly doesnt give it intrinsic value.

  4. Malcolm Carter says

    Actually, I respectfully disagree with the other commenters. I believe we do get value for mail delivery, though the postage-rate structure is debatable. And I think that unions in general are of less value than they were in years past, making them a mixed blessing, depending on whether one is a blue- or white-collar worker.

    • I agree with you on the Unions. There we necessary when they were established but now it seems like the pendulum has swung too far the other way.

      I, personally, only have use for package deliver (or FedEx envelopes for important paper documents). The USPS holds very little value for me.

  5. As great as technology is, we have to understand that the more we become reliant on it, the more services and systems are in danger of becoming obsolete. I feel that these services that are not focusing on how they are going to join the revolt and take advantage of technology will otherwise become yet another casualty of progress.