February 26, 2020

Is Social Media Worth Your Time?

Come help us figure out what your social media efforts should yield.

LSSMClogo_thumb1We’ve all got some sort of social network or social media account and although a few of us use them strictly for fun most people are hoping to monetize it. How much time do you spend on these networks just to find you haven’t accomplished anything more than add hours to your work day and sometimes get a chuckle out of the occasional cat picture?

Well next week we plan on having a very frank and candid conversation about what you should reasonably expect from your social networking/social media efforts. Is it for you? Is it something you should dedicate resources toward? What are the things you should be doing to achieve your objectives? These are the questions we plan on exploring on May 8th to help our attendees walk away with some useful, actionable information. It doesn’t matter if you are a social media newbie or a seasoned practitioner next week’s event will help everyone. Have a few tricks you want to share? Have a resource you are happy with that other could make use of? Bring that and everything else to this conversation so we can dig deeper and ask the questions you don’t hear asked at conferences and seminars. We want to get to the core of it all and see what’s really going on with social. There will be many points of view so you will certainly have a lot to think about when it’s all done. Come get involved in the conversation.

Drinks to follow afterward.



7:00 – Open Networking

7:30 – Introductions

7:45Introduction of the topic: What can a members only group do to maximize the value to its members?

8:00 (ish) – Dinner and conversation

10:00 (ish) – Drinks afterward


As always, the tickets are available online right below this post or directly through Eventbrite. Unfortunately, there will not be any tickets at the door – no exceptions.

For all you drivers, the good news is there’s a fair amount of street parking in the neighborhood. If you prefer, you can get parking for $15 (what a bargain!) at Icon Parking on 10th Street and Broadway (Guaranteed Rate):http://nyc.bestparking.com/index.php

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For the subway folk, the Time Astor Place station is the closest (6) and the 8th Street station (N,R) is pretty close too.

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When: Wednesday, May 8th, 7:00 pm (sharp!) In order to keep this gathering productive and intimate, seats are being limited so please get your ASAP.. To ensure you are updated and invited to events like these, please fill out the contact form widget on the right hand side of this page. We’ll be in touch ASAP.



About the Lucky Strikers Social Media Club:

Lucky Strikers Social Media Club

We are NY/Metro Real Estate and technology professionals collaborating to maximize each of our web exposure and generate business referrals. The LSSMC meets monthly for dinner to connect and discuss the issues and challenges in the industry and how to prosper by networking/introductions. Relevant speakers attend to provide value to members and to offer their unique perspectives. Our site, Luckystrikersnyc.com is a cooperative content syndication portal. Lucky Strikers know that Social Media means business!