April 7, 2020

Is Video An SEO Silver Bullet?

There’s a common misunderstanding out there about video. The perception is often, if you create it and post it to the web, you’ll get SEO.

The fact is, Google is looking for good video and intends to present a good mix of alternative content [i.e. video, audio, images] in it’s universal search results. However, and until they can accurately convert the audio contained in video to text, you’re likely counting more on the descriptive title, tags and text surrounding your video than you are the video itself. That is, you are counting on the text AND any measurable reaction. 

Google is making strides toward accurate conversion of audio to text, so key phrases from a video may actually generate competitive indexing at some point. Several international voice recognition scientists I had access too in a former life led me to believe it would be several years before Google trusted the technologies’ accuracy.  At least, they felt, accurate enough to incorporate converted text into search indexes. LSSMC’s own Zane Burnett straightened me out the other night saying  it’s coming a lot sooner … quite possibly in less than two years. For detail on how, I’d certainly ask Zane because he certainly knows what he’s talking about!

In any event and for the time being, simply creating and posting video is no SEO silver bullet. A measurable reaction being, for instance, loading your video into YouTube, titling/ tagging it accurately for indexing AND THEN getting lots of views. That’s measurable! Taking that YouTube embed code and placing it in other places, like on your blogsite, where it can get even more exposure and [measurable] views will help a great deal too.

But remember, until Google trusts the accuracy of their conversion technologies enough, the success of the actual video toward your SEO will still depend on the descriptive title, tags and surrounding text you use to describe it.

Folks, with video andat least for the time being, choose your titles, tags and descriptive text carefully!

Chris Frerecks
Kinetic Knowledge

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  1. I’ve been planning for months to buy a camera just for SEO, procrastinating, procrastinating–where would I find the time to make the videos on top of everything else? Now I feel unexpectedly rewarded for my wait. Thanks, Chris!

    • Malcolm, you should still use it but use it as a reason to touch base with your sphere. If you don’t have time to make them, find a company or person to help you. You would be shocked to see the results you can have.

  2. Agreed. Title tags and text for SEO in this world. I have heard it said that video is an very effective tool for stickiness and readership retention rather than a raw means of being found.

  3. The SEO discussion is crap. When it comes to building a business that relies on referrals and personal connection, video should be used to create product that help grows your brand among your sphere, and gives you a reason to touch base with them. People worried about “keywords” are waisting their time.