February 16, 2020

[Video] Bill Lublin Succeeds by Showing LSSMCers How NOT to #fail

A wonderful presentation by Social Media Marketing Institute CEO, Bill Lublin, on the Top Five Ways to #Fail in Social Media. Here’s the full video of the speech. Add your favorite takeaways to the comments section below….

Can’t afford to go to BlogWorld NYC? You can now: Last second discounts

Due to a good friend of mine and my (as well as Lucky Strikers’ love of blogging) I have secured some discount codes for the BlogWorld going on tomorrow through Thursday.  Here they are:   healyVIP – will get you 50% off of the expo pass which will get you into all of the parties […]

We brokers make too damn much money

There, I said it: Broker compensation is indefensible. An independent broker who is a friend of mine and I were having — how to put it? — a robust discussion at the last monthly meeting of the Lucky Strikers Social Media Club.  We talked about commissions (without violating anti-trust laws, heaven knows). I ventured an […]

The NYTimes focuses on the Fantastic Phil Faranda

This week’s Lucky Striker in the Spotlight is Phil Faranda of J. Philip Real Estate who was the main focus of a New York Times piece on the increasing tech savviness (and serve-iness) of quality real estate brokers. Here’s an excerpt: February 24, 2011 A For-Sale Sign With Brains By ELSA BRENNER IN 1996, when J. […]

The Bald Brothers Go Viral

Recently, LSSMC’s Patrick Healy and moi were featured in short videos now airing on n2k.tv. The web site is the brainchild of our bursting with energy brother-in-baldness, Eric Barron, and was created to help foster informal education among the brokerage community. Patrick gave an excellent take on how agents could better manage their expenses using such online […]

Balancing Act: LSSMC’s Hinricher Outlines a Plan for Mortgage Success

Yet  another informative piece by a Lucky Striker being featured in a national publication.This time, Ryan Hinricher of Investor Nation provides an excellent overview on creating a healthy balance of income streams in the mortgage business. Makes me wonder what the equivalent model would be on the real estate broker/agent side of the equation… Read […]

Gitter Goes Greek in National Arena

Lucky Striker Ron Gitter took the national stage today with his column in The Huffington Post. The Manhattan-based real estate attorney and author of the coopandcondo.com blog, provided an insightful overview of the “challenges du jour” that obstruct our journey towards economic recovery. We’ve excerpted part of the column below: The Real Estate Economy as […]

[Press] Day camp for real estate techies

By John Golden  It was not a traditional industry gathering that brought real estate professionals and business marketers from Westchester to the Roger Smith Hotel in midtown Manhattan last Tuesday. Coffee was served, but without the mini-bagels and pastries that are early risers’ staples on the conference circuit. Workshop sessions were offered, but one had […]

Shameless Self-Promotion: Wall Street Journal

Home Sales Slide Manhattan Still Outshines Other Areas By JOSH BARBANEL The pace of co-op and condominium transactions in Manhattan continued to lag in November, setting the stage for the lowest rate of quarterly sales since the depths of the economic slowdown last year. But brokers say the market is far less bleak than the […]

Pictures from November’s LSSMC Meeting

Here are a few candid shots from last night’s meeting. Hope you enjoy them. -Jeff