April 6, 2020

Making new media content for REAL results

With the growth of content being developed by people online everyday, it can be an exciting decision to jump into the content-creating game.

As well as quite scary.

What do I say?  What do I do?  What do I put out there that matters and isn’t just like the rest of the stuff out there?  How do I get real results from it?

Let me make it easy for you.  Here’s where you start.

First, what’s the ultimate goal of the content you will be developing in written, audio or video format?  As a real estate agent, it’s going to be two things…

1) Show your community and real estate knowledge. When you’re at a cocktail party and meeting new people, what do you do?  You don’t start some sort of sales pitches at the beginning, do you?  Then why would you do it online?  The content you create online should be something that builds a relationship with your listener, viewer or reader, just like a cocktail party conversation.  Tease them with information.  Give them some of the basics.  And give them a reason to contact you for more or to share the information you just put out to others.

2) Keep you in the front of mind of people as the local real estate expert for their needs or for a family or friend.  Real estate is a relationship-building game.  The more quality contacts and connections you have in your database, the better chance of getting leads and referrals is.  So why not use the content you put out there as a reason to touch base with those people?  Let them listen, view or read the content on their time table from the comfort of their home when they want to.

NOW… how do we do that?

If you’re doing audio, create a monthly podcast which talks about the market and the community you work in.  In a way, let it become your local neighborhood online radio show all about the area and its people.  Talk about events, changes, things that matter to people in the area.  Of course throw in some real estate information as well.  Get others involved.  Get your preferred vendors in on the game as a contributor or sponsor, so they have a reason to spread the message out there as well.

If you’re doing video, show your neighborhood!  Show the people!  Show what’s going on!  Big event that everyone goes to?  Show it!  One place where you’ll find people on a Sunday afternoon?  Show it!  A buyer’s decision to purchase a home is 50% the home itself and 50% the neighborhood.  So why are you not showing the neighborhood and letting the people who love it and call it home sell it for you?  Show people you know the area and you are the expert!

If you’re doing a written blog, share that information we talked about in the above two on a regular basis.  Don’t write posts that are all real estate information, but talk about the community!  Show that you know what you’re talking about in the region.  Be the reporter on the streets, showing people what’s going on.  Plus, get your preferred vendors involved as well.  Get information from them and include them in the process.

Now… how do I get it out to people?

Use social media.  Use Facebook to get the message out to your database as well as potential clients.  Facebook and other social media outlets allow people to get involved in the conversation of your products by leaving comments, utilizing the “like” button and sharing it to their friends as well.  This is how you build the relationship up with your listeners, who are potential clients and potential engines to give you referrals!  Create a fan page around your neighborhood and the show and let it become a product of its own that you can sell to advertisers to help offset the production costs as well as turn it into a revenue generating item!

Use it in every single conversation with someone new to build a connection with them.  When you’re at an open house, talk about it.  Ask the buyer if you can email them a link to the podcast/video/blog.  You now have an email address that you can add to your database and build a relationship with.  And the potential buyer is seeing a product that sells you without selling you.  Use this same process when you’re at networking events, cocktail parties, public events, etc.  No matter where you’re at, use it as a tool to get database information.  Your competition has NOTHING like this to use to get info.  Take advantage of it NOW.

Get others involved.  You now have a great tool with your new media product that you can get your preferred vendors and business partners involved in!  Talk to your mortgage rep, your title rep, your real estate attorney and get THEM involved.  Have them share knowledge and information that you can use.  Have them as a guest.  When you do that, they’re excited about the product and will spread it to THEIR people as well!  Get them involved on a regular basis and they’ll help you spread the message.

New media is easier than you think.  Get the right people and professionals to help you create it, and watch your competition’s jaw drop when they realize you are one huge step above them now.

To see samples and ideas of products you can start creating today, visit and click on “Real Estate Media.”


  1. Good post buddy. I think I am quickly becoming a proponent of the 80/20 rule on talking directly abou5t your business. Just talk about smart things that you are passionate about and keep the sales pitch to 20%. You have to stay on people’s minds all the time – not just when they are in need of your goods/services. This way when they are you are the first person they will think of. 🙂