April 2, 2020

Mashable Features Product of Lucky Striker as 1 of 3 Tools to Increase Sales

As real estate professionals close the book on 2010 and look towards 2011, leveraging technology to grow one’s real estate business has become paramount.  This week Mashable featured our own Stephen Fells’ Agency Logic product, PowerSites in the article, “3 Tools Realtors Can Use to Increase Sales“.  The article focuses on products that will not only increase sales but will enhance the overall customer experience and give you a competitive edge.  PowerSites was featured for its ability to generate a single property website with integrated social marketing.

In addition to PowerSites, Fells also launched Follr which allows individuals, organizations, and Realtors the ability to create a social business card.  The social business card houses all of one’s web identities and social links into a single identity located at a simple URL.


  1. Congratulations to Stephen. Great to see quality work being recognized 🙂