April 2, 2020

No. 7 Subway line May Extend into Hoboken


I read online this morning that NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg  is proposing a plan to extend the New York City’s No. 7 Subway line into Hoboken & Secaucus. The project would cost about $6 billion and NJ Gov. Chris Christie who just canceled a Hudson River tunnel a few weeks ago would have to review the plan before making an decisions. It would also have to be approved by Gov. Elect Andrew Cuomo. Essentially an Independent Mayor, Republican Governor and Democratic Governor all have to agree. Let’s see how this goes.

Obviously this transportation addition would be huge for Hoboken real estate values, but it probably won’t see the light of day for many, many years.

Article originally posted on NJ.com


  1. Ryan Hinricher says

    In light of Christie’s budget slashing maybe they can at least keep it on the table. He’ll probably pass the expense to the next guy or at least delay serious plans until. That would be HUGE though for Jersey. It makes sense to integrate the transit systems more. The PATH and the MTA are disconnected.

  2. I am interested to see how this whole thing tuns out. NY and NJ definitely don’t have a good record of working together when it comes to mass transit – at least on the rails. Not being able to come to an agreement with free transfers with the PATH to the subway has always bothered me. Isn’t this just another variation of that. The PATH runs, in part, in Manhattan yet you can’t hop the subway once you are in the city. How will they handle Jersey people buying metro cards in NJ? The MTA has no authority there, pardon the pun.