April 2, 2020

Organic Advertising III: It’s Got To Be About Conversion!

Site’s Should Be Built To Convert Traffic To Leads

Like with any form of advertising, if blogging & social media don’t convert then why bother? Not knocking hobby or passion sites here, but this organic advertising series of posts place an emphasis on doing more business! The obvious point made is that conversion isn’t likely to happen if the site isn’t designed with it in mind, so we’ll look at methods. The less obvious point made is that conversion is not likely to improve unless we assign metrics to it.

For Starters, What Is The Goal?

What form of conversion is your goal? Is it brand recognition & trust? For some, this may suffice. Is it raw traffic? Boy I hope not! The web makes qualification possible, so why bother trying to please everyone? Is it registrations for an e- book, a FREE offer or is it direct subscribers to your blogsite? For those who believe sales is about getting to the next step, using education can position you nicely. Is it immediate sales? An unlikely task with real estate, but tough in general with consumers who can research at will.

Let’s assume that you’ve figured out what makes your site special and worth visiting; you have a feel for what your target market wants and you’re providing it. For Realtors, qualified traffic is likely interested in property search, home appraisal, financial calculators and current market news & data. These days support with Tax Assessment, Foreclosure, Short Sale and REO information may be the call. Whatever the hook, you’re driving qualified traffic and they’re sticking around for real answers & information. The more they’re finding, the more likely it is they’re willing to trust you. Now, you’ve got to convert them!

How Do You Convert?

Ultimately, conversion requires a compelling offer and a means to sign up for it? Does your site offer contact information so they can call or email? Does it offer subscription? Better yet, and because most people don’t use RSS, does it offer direct & voluntary email subscription? Do you have sign up forms?

– Lead Capture Form Behind An Offer: ‘Reduce Learning Curve by Years! Register for our eBook.’
– Blogsite Subscription: ‘Get Detailed Weekly Data FREE! Sign Up Here.’
– Form: ‘Get Our FREE Coupons. Register Here.’
– Subscription: ‘Become a Member Our Network – Get Smarter! Subscribe.’
– Immediate Sales: ‘Get 10% off your closing Costs’ – Register Now, Limited Time Offer!’

Raising The Bar For Conversion – Assigning Metrics

Conversion isn’t likely to happen, or at least improve at all, unless we look to assign metrics or even a dollar value to what happens. Why you ask? Because it’s the metrics and/or the dollars that help us to crystallize or visualize an actual result. For simplicity’ sake, let’s say we’re looking to convert subscribers. We see 1,000 unique users visit our site in the month and 100 register a subscription. Great!, that’s 10%. Now the simple objective becomes improvement: how can we improve that by 10% or to 110 new subscriptions next month? At Kinetic Knowledge we just changed ‘Subscribe To Our Email Newsletter’ to ‘Join Our Organic Advertising Education Network’ and we’ve got an 11% increase from month’s past!

Assigning Metrics: Conversion Rate Optimization

It’s the results we really want, with numbers we can see what a 10 percent improvement really means. Jamie Steven, VP Marketing at SEOmoz, wrote a really great post titled, ‘How to Convince your Boss that CRO is a Win’ centered on metrics and dollars. To uses Jamie’s words, “OMFG. Improving the conversion rate of our checkout page by 10% will result in an additional 63 conversions each month, or 756 per year!”

Now that’s impact for your business! Now we’re beginning to leverage an online presence! Now that’s conversion!

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  1. wwoow Chris great job — this is the unspoken verboten topic, “how to make the cash register ring” or how to get people to actually do something — these are some practical directions especially the improvement to the lame boring “sign up for email” booooriinnnggg


  2. Malcolm Carter says

    I like your idea about a voluntary subscription and, in fact, offer it on my blog with a widget and second option: “Join Our Crowd.” But I have barely more than a handful subscriptions and many page views, leading me to believe that most folks are simply bookmarking the site. As long as they remember me, visit me and call me when needed, I’m fine with that. In my view, your underlying point that social media is pointless without conversions is beyond dispute.

  3. It’s great to see subjects like these really being talked about. Seems people are so enamored with all the new bells and whistles that they lose sight of the fundamentals of what we are doing up online. Thanks Chris.