April 7, 2020

Organic Advertising Part I: What’s Your Plan?

Organic Advertising
More and more business people are publishing to blogsites and social networks. It’s no longer a secret that good organic advertising strategies work, and they work cheap! What was once a relatively uncrowded space for local business advertisers is not only more crowded, but getting more complicated. To continue to have a leg up on the competition; to get more leads; to close more business you really need to answer this question: “what is your plan and how will you execute?”

It’s only from here we can begin to set the course for a successful organic advertising campaign. Success online is incredibly affordable versus traditional forms of advertising, but it never occurs just because there is a blogsite, social network accounts and some content. While focused consistent publishing may win some of the battles, winning the war means development of a conversion plan that translates to an ongoing pipeline of leads and new business.

This, the first of a few posts, means to outline steps for executing your organic Internet advertising plan.

Define The Organic Advertising Environment
Simply put: the environment for advertising has changed because where to reach buyers and how to influence buying decisions has changed. I like to refer to it as the age of content networking. The consumer has an unprecedented, reliable, fast and free means to research [via search, social network and subscribe] almost unlimited information on any product or service and at any time. When they research, they’re exhibiting an intent to buy creating both an opportunity and a challenge for the organic advertiser. The opportunity stems from the intent of their activity and how that qualifies them as ‘more likely to buy’; the challenge is in figuring out how to be present where and when they exhibit intent AND also with ‘the right message’. Again buyers can get all the information they need, so soundbite advertisements are becoming invisible to them. Anything other than good content and aswers is just noise!
What Works In An Organic Advertising Environment
There isn’t necessarily one way when it comes to successful organic advertising, but in a modern world we believe execution with the following steps is proven:
Become a Content Networker
Meet Consumer Intent With Answers & Relevant Information
Expose Them To A Current, Authoritative & Appealing Brand
Measure Past To Optimize Future Content
Breaking It Down: How To Approach The Steps In An Organic Advertising Plan
Become a Content Networker: Site’s That Generate Content & Visibility For Your Brand! – It begins with defining your contents’ purpose. A discipline for publishing consistent focused and well formed content follows. Just having a static website to present your brand isn’t going to cut it these days. You have to establish a website designed for publishing; you must commit resources to publishing regularly AND ALSO have the site set up to network your brand everywhere possible through that published content. Content powered by highly search engine optimized, network and subscription ready site gives the modern marketer a platform with limitless potential for distribution [to other blogs, forums, social networks, directories, Q & A sites, etc.] to new audiences.
Meet Consumer Intent With Answers & Relevant Information: Being Where They Are, When They’re Ready! – Publishing current informative content that will appeal to ‘answer & information seeking consumers’ is the start. Distribution to these same consumers is achieved via different search engine, social network and also subscription channels. Channels offering exposure to a critical mass of consumers. But that’s not all:
Be sure your site and content is marked up properly with things like meta tags, categorization and informative page URL strings to support search engine spidering & indexing. See: Top 10 Reasons WordPress is Important For Your Business!
Be sure your content is well formed and key phrase optimized for competitive search indexing. If you’re target market is Berkeley California, relate the subject matter to Berkeley California. It won’t do a Berkeley CA based real estate brokerage’s business any good to support someone in Brielle New Jersey searching for answers about distressed property. See: What Are The Best Practices for Business Blogging?
Optimally tag and describe all video and image content with text. Search engines place emphasis on finding and indexing these alternative sources of content. Your competition for Google’s favor with alternative content is a great deal less than for text based content, but you’ve got to describe it in ways that support search algorithms. See: Google Wants Your Pictures!
Auto- network your content to wherever it may capture the interest of a new audience, traffic and leads. No need to constantly duplicate your effort when you can automatically feed content into different social network environments, especially not environments you can’t control. See: You Really Must Have A Blog Networking Strategy!
Identify qualified groups of like- minded thinkers in these social environments, participate & comment often so you can expose your informative brand to these qualified potential consumers. See: The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing
Register your blogsite in directories and in social networks, such as Facebook’s http://www.networkedblogs.com and the Open Directory.
Identify sites and blogs where participation & commenting is welcome, add back links to relevant posts that will support and enhance the conversation. If so, people are likely to follow them to your brand. See: Social Networking and Blog Commenting Can Help Drive Traffic
Offer visitors a simple means to digg, retweet and /or to ‘like & share’ in their facebook accounts’. This has become a viral opportunity and one should excute on! Let your visitors help network your content for you.
Let the local news media know you’re committed to consistent coverage in your trade. They can’t begin to get as granular as you in their news coverage, so they will appreciate you when they need a good resource. If so, you’ve now tapped into the local news media’s audience too!
Look for opportunities to get links back to yourself from other relevant sites, preferably with good page rank [note: page rank is relevant in a competitive set, but depending on the subject topic area a 3 or 4 rank can be great.] Comments on other blogs can support your own back link counts, but getting folks to link to you in their core content is an even better scenario! See: What Are You Doing To Get More Back Links?
Offer visitors the opportunity to subscribe on every page, if possible. Seriously, ‘one to one’ direct to volunteers is arguably the most effective way to stay on radar screens ‘for when they’re ready to buy’. Subscription should be a priority! See: Get More Permission Marketing
Using Your Blogsite, more and more opportunities emerge to network your brand every day… because the web is a network [and you blosite is networked] without barriers to your good content!
Expose Them To A Current, Authoritative & Appealing Brand: Bring Them To Where You Sell The Best! – No matter the channel [search, social, subscribe], always leverage it to bring consumers with intent back to your comprehensive brand environment where you have a current and organized history of content information and the proper lead capture tools. Social networks are incredible channels, but not your brand. They have valuable audiences, but the environment is not always going to be in your control. There will always be distracting competitive messages in view! Historically social network audiences are here one day, gone the next. In lieu of these challenges, if you can leverage social networks to bring consumers back to your site, it’s where you can focus on uninterupted brand engagement. Once there, you must deploy strategies to drive more page views, lead capture & conversion. Identify what it is they want or might like so that no matter where in this cycle they engage, you’re always giving them good reason to register. Is it a FREE offer? Is it informative news or data? Whatever it might be, give them something that will insure you keep them coming back! See: Online, Only Blogs Establish Brand!
Measure Past To Optimize Future Content“We’ve adjusted our marketing strategies in response to the data we get from our blogs[ites]. The [traffic] analytics are a gold mine!“– California Olive Ranch DOM Claude Weiller. This statement really says a lot, but to further cement Weiller’s point, he invests heavily in strategic traffic analysis & data mining services. The investment in content & networking is the catalyst, but the investment in analysis has spurred enormous traffic & subscription increases. Let’s be a little more specific:
General traffic growth data such as page views, unique visitors, repeat visitors, average page views per visit, subscribers and bounce rate are the obvious indicators of success and /or failure. They should be scrutinized month over month for growth or declines; however, the truly valuable answers that spur future success lie deep in the data.
Examination of referral links and where referral traffic stems from is one. In doing so, a business may identify potential allies or even new target markets. Can you pursue them and possibly even reach their entire audience? Are there any links from influential bloggers, good directory sites or even highly useful Q & A sites? If so, will comments with back links and participation demonstrate an authoritative value to those audiences? Those same referral links may serve as guidance for research into similar sites and audiences.
By examining the most popular existing content, future publishing emphasis is easily vetted. Imagine publishing lots of recipes, only to discover the audience was most enthusiastic for a post dissecting the health benefits of a recipe. If that popular subject topic you discovered interest for, but had yet to focus content on could drive more referral links, bookmarks, subscription, traffic and new business wouldn’t you want to know?
What about the searches driving traffic? Imagine you are a realtor targeting searches for Hoboken NJ Real Estate, placing incredible amounts of time & effort into publishing content with that very key phrase. Later, with analysis, you discover a post you did on Hoboken with the key phrase ‘hudson tea building condos’ is performing. It drives incredible search traffic and you can correlate it to a couple sales. Would that tell you something about targeting more specific local neighborhoods and buildings with informative content? Would it prove the value of more qualified local searching activity surrounding these subjects and key phrases, rather than fighting everyone online for less specific key phrases like Hoboken Real Estate. In this scenario, what target searcher is more likely to buy? Ever hear of the long tail of search?
How are each of the social networks you automatically push content too performing? What’s in the data from those channels and how can we further optimize participation in those environments going forward?
… and endless other opportunities to further optimize future content creation and networking!!
Convert! – Business people may or may not have a feel for what their existing and prospective clients want, but an ‘Internet plan’ must look at converting traffic to leads and new business OR it’s all for naught. For Realtors, traffic is likely interested in property search, home appraisal and current market data; however, maybe these days support with ‘tax assessment’ can help to drive new business. Whether the plan is sign ups for a service or an e- book, ongoing subscription or even immediate sales, the focus becomes what can we can we identify in the data that converts more visitors? See: Want More Sales? It’s Time We Get Serious And Analyze Traffic Data!
While it sounds simple enough, its traffic that we need in order to measure AND to improve our success. Without a blogsite to create & network content, to drive traffic and to support conversion this could all get very difficult and expensive. The challenge is not only to bring these elements together, but to find efficient sustainable methods. More to come soon….


  1. Ryan Hinricher says

    Chris, very comprehensive article packed with links to resources. This is a great overview of a complex subject. Thanks for sharing!