April 1, 2020

The Lucky Strikers Mission

Lucky Strikers Social Media Club logo


We are a group of Tri-State professionals that are enamored with Real Estate, Technology, Social Media and Entrepreneurship. We meet on the second Wednesday of every month (unless there is a huge industry conflict). We come together to eat, drink, and talk about what goes on in the industry. Partnerships are made, products/projects are conceived, advice is given and we are all here to help one another.

We have members and we have attendees – being either one is fine. Obviously, membership has its privileges. Only members can be contributors to this blog. Members promote one another’s content/endeavors and they get promoted in return. Anyone can apply for membership once they have attended four meetings in a row.

We also take on projects as a group. We organize the annual RE BarCamp the day before Inman Connect NYC every January. If you are interested in attending, please visit our Facebook page for updates and announcements of our upcoming events. We’d love to have you.

-The Lucky Strikes Team