February 23, 2020

REQUIRED READING: Kim Kardashian, Inc.

An article by Eric Wilson in the Times last Thursday covered a sojourn by Kim Kardashian to her new store in Soho for a jewelry release (for those who didn’t know, “hoops are a staple”). The event attended by hundreds, bummed out many of the locals, who can’t believe that some version of the Jersey Shore now has an outpost on Broome Street.  Sean Sweeney of the Soho Alliance has a great quote that makes the article worth reading for that reason alone. That being said, the story reflects the ultimate merger of television, print journalism, fashion, retailing, marketing and social media: she has over 5,000,000 followers on you know what…For those who care, she follows 104 people, including LeBron, Sly Stallone, Victoria Beckham and Justin Beiber.

You could go a lot of places with this, starting from how dumb can things get (very),  to what a depressing commentary it is on the culture–for the moment and for the immediately foreseeable future. Nevertheless, those of us seeking internet mastery and content distribution to further our message could learn a lot from someone who has ingeniously made her fans the brand…