April 2, 2020

Social Media Instruction

In the aftermath of a standing-room-only panel session at the New Orleans Rebarcamp, wherein Allan Dalton, Chief Marketing Officer of RISMedia, wowed the crowd with an eye-opening analysis of the use, point and purpose of Social Media, LuckyStrikersNYC is proud to announce that Allan Dalton will speak to Lucky Strikers and guests tonight. Allan recently published “Leveraging your Links” after an exhaustive national survey of real estate agents/brokers.

As always, Allan was a contrarian when he asserted that “it is not the number of fans, friends or followers that a consumer cares about”. Allan went on to state that for a real estate professional to be recognized, it is paramount to target those issues of concern to the consumer. He stated that relevant content directed to consumers’ needs is the way to prosper through the use of Social Media. Further, Allan stressed that content generation will not behoove a real estate service provider as compared to spear-heading a “crusade” which aims to solve problems causing consumers pain, or to serve a niche market such as FSBO’s or first-time buyers or a “move up” market.

The New Orleans audience included realtors, vendors and those “rebarcamp faithful.” On the panel was Kristina Wise, Dustin Luther and Dale Chumbley. All made contributions but it was Allan Dalton who postulated those theories which sparked the robust debate which ensued. Some of the audience were disappointed that the “social” was less productive then the purposeful “media” promulgated by real estate practitioners. Allan urged attendees to “focus on engaging consumers with proactive content” as a means of creating value sufficient to warrant being hired to represent their interests. In my humble opinion, it was the most lively and passionate session I have ever seen at a Rebarcamp.

We are expecting tonight to be calm and contemplative with an eye (and ear) toward learning and sharing. Dinner, networking and powerful Social media Instruction are on the menu for this event and the key objectives of LuckyStrikersNYC.

Results will be reported.

-Scott Forcino


  1. Well sad Scott. We are very lucky to have Allan speaking for our group tonight. It’s looking like it’s going to be a very large and well sorted group of folks. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a jump in the buzz about his new book or the subjects we will be discussing tonight…..

  2. I’m really looking forward to Allan Dalton’s discussion this evening. His marketing prowess and psychological approach in evaluating how our industry appeals to and serves consumers is most remarkable, noteworthy, and forward-thinking. He illustrates and articulates so well, the need for a psychological shift in fostering and mastering positive change in building client relationships through social media and social networking by providing the most relevant content that consumers require to make critical economic decisions. We are very fortunate to have such an industry advocate and author with us this evening.

  3. Malcolm Carter says

    Allan’s presentation could not have been more stimulating. He hit the nail on the head on the difference between a relationship and transactional business, pointing out how the real estate industry fails consumers and giving me, for one, new ideas of how to use social media to even better advantage than I have managed to date.

  4. Because the barriers to create [blogging] and to distribute [search, network and subscribe] content no longer exist; because *ALL* consumers research the products & services they will eventually purchase, business people must adjust their methods to meet a consumers’ leverage and intent [to buy]. Sound bite messages or ads are JUST NOISE in an environment where the consumer requires answers!

    The environment has changed for productive marketing and advertising: it’s about edutizing [=advertising + education] and Allan Dalton is the ‘thought leader’ for a results oriented, practical and modern approach to real estate social media & networking instruction.