January 25, 2020

Mashable Features Product of Lucky Striker as 1 of 3 Tools to Increase Sales

As real estate professionals close the book on 2010 and look towards 2011, leveraging technology to grow one’s real estate business has become paramount.  This week Mashable featured our own Stephen Fells’ Agency Logic product, PowerSites in the article, “3 Tools Realtors Can Use to Increase Sales“.  The article focuses on products that will not […]

Social Media Isn’t A Cocktail Party

Contributor: Stephen M. Fells If I called you stupid I wouldn’t expect a positive response. Few people, when asked “So, who here is an idiot?” will eagerly raise their hand, yet rarely do we react when faced with information that suggests we are. And that is never truer than with social media. There are still […]

A Cautionary Tale, Brought to You by the 92nd Street Y

A Safe Harbor Is Not so Safe I can’t think  of a more comfortable place to discuss a novel about the art world than the 92nd Street Y. Those of us who have attended a “Q & A” softball session at that venue with one of our favorite performers or writers (for me, it was a […]

Organic Advertising Part I: What’s Your Plan?

Organic Advertising More and more business people are publishing to blogsites and social networks. It’s no longer a secret that good organic advertising strategies work, and they work cheap! What was once a relatively uncrowded space for local business advertisers is not only more crowded, but getting more complicated. To continue to have a leg […]

REQUIRED READING: Kim Kardashian, Inc.

An article by Eric Wilson in the Times last Thursday covered a sojourn by Kim Kardashian to her new store in Soho for a jewelry release (for those who didn’t know, “hoops are a staple”). The event attended by hundreds, bummed out many of the locals, who can’t believe that some version of the Jersey […]

Real estate agents discover social media can help business

Reprinted From the New Jersey Star Ledger: By Sarah Portlock While real estate broker Sharon Steele waits to pick up her children after school, she is on her BlackBerry, updating her Facebook page with a new listing in Union County. Throughout the day, she checks in with friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, […]

Social Media Instruction

In the aftermath of a standing-room-only panel session at the New Orleans Rebarcamp, wherein Allan Dalton, Chief Marketing Officer of RISMedia, wowed the crowd with an eye-opening analysis of the use, point and purpose of Social Media, LuckyStrikersNYC is proud to announce that Allan Dalton will speak to Lucky Strikers and guests tonight. Allan recently […]

Somebody’s Watching

If you don’t know about RapLeaf, you should. This company places tracking cookies on your computer and actually knows who you are by name and by Email. It knows your preferences, political leanings and much more, based upon the websites you visit. It then sells your information to companies that might be interested in you. […]

Monday Morning Mobile: Text in the City

Guest Post: By Seth Kaplan  RISMEDIA, October 18, 2010—While text message lead generation services have spread across real estate firms nationwide, it always seemed that the use of these services were few and far between when you walked around New York City. Why? One of the reasons we launched our text message lead generation service, […]

Is Video An SEO Silver Bullet?

Common misunderstanding out there about video and SEO