February 23, 2020

Somebody’s Watching

If you don’t know about RapLeaf, you should. This company places tracking cookies on your computer and actually knows who you are by name and by Email. It knows your preferences, political leanings and much more, based upon the websites you visit. It then sells your information to companies that might be interested in you. When folks say there’s no privacy on the web, this is what they’re talking about: A Web Pioneer Profiles Users By Name: http://bit.ly/cmxwDg

Ron Gitter

My blog: www.coopandcondo.com


  1. Thanks for sharing Ron…..very interesting. I’m on the fence about the whole privacy issue; this is food for thought.

  2. Suzanne Welch says

    Thanks and i will pass this on..I am opting out though I am sure there are many other companies who do the same thing. Also, by updating and checking your cookie setting is a good back up. I find this scary!

  3. Although I agree with Sarah about being on the dance, I’ve decided to opt out for now–at least until i get a better grasp on this. Thanks for the info

  4. Schmidthaus says

    I find this very believable but also scary . . . thanks for the info Ron

  5. Malcolm Carter says


  6. Ryan Hinricher says

    I’ve noticed when I visit sites lately, that the new targeted image ads are matching my preferences. They are inside our heads.