February 25, 2020

Still Wish To Map Real Estate Listings? See Fusion Tables!

google real estate mapping using fusion tables

Google Dropped Mapping For Listings

While Google dropped their ‘real estate listings database to mapping service’, it doesn’t mean real estate professionals don’t have FREE tools to map listings. For instance, check out Fusion Tables?

A FREE data publishing application, Fusion tables makes it easy to present any data you have, via CSV files or spreadsheets, visually online. If you’re looking for better ways to present data in posts, Fusions Tables will enhance you ability to do that too!

What can you do with Google Fusion Tables?

– Upload your data sets from spreadsheets or CSV files
– Host your data, and then easily embed it on other sites, like an easily managed real estate site
– Visualize your data on maps, in timelines and on charts
– Pick who can access your data; hide parts of the data if needed
– Merge data from multiple tables
– Collaborate on data with others, track changes and discussions

Three simple steps: import, display, publish.

For real estate posts a Google Fusion Map, with data applied, can display where featured real estate listings are located. It can map where you have sold homes recently, as well as charts and tables for historical sales volume and values.  In addition these tables and maps can be set to be  interactive, allowing both visitor commenting and also just more information for visitors who want it.

Other real estate pros have utilized market data and reports from sites like Zillow to create valuation maps.  There can be specific values of homes for sale or sold, as well as locations of homes that are for sale within a certain price point.  The tool is virtually limitless, allowing real estate professionals to maximize the information they want their sites to convey.

You can display school locations in an area, as well as specific information on schools, including performance, ranking and more.

You can show hospital locations, including pop ups to display in-depth information about each hospital.

Even important local businesses you endorse… and the list goes on – go check out Fusion Tables! For limitless mapping embed opportunities, check out Real Estate Blogsites!


  1. Who knew? Thanks, Chris!

  2. Ryan Hinricher says

    Chris, I’m glad you shared this. I thought I was the only one missing the Google maps overlay. I use it constantly to cross check rental listings on specific blocks when completing due-diligence on investment transactions.