January 23, 2020

Facebook: The Evolution of the Internet?

Earlier this month Stephen Haines (commercial director of Facebook’s U.K. operation) raised a ‘startling if self-promotional possibility’ when he asked the following question at the Technology for Marketing and Advertising conference; Will Facebook replace company Web sites? In the following fascinating video Scott Galloway (Professor at the NYU Stern School of Business where he teaches […]

The Future of Facebook

For the last few years I have consistently and openly discussed the longterm objectives of Facebook and it nearly always falls on deaf ears; the future of Facebook is business, not personal. Of course it will be a combination of the two but it certainly won’t be centered on games, poking and stalking ex’s. At […]

Social Media Isn’t A Cocktail Party

Contributor: Stephen M. Fells If I called you stupid I wouldn’t expect a positive response. Few people, when asked “So, who here is an idiot?” will eagerly raise their hand, yet rarely do we react when faced with information that suggests we are. And that is never truer than with social media. There are still […]

How Do You Get The Most Facebook Fans, Followers, Friends?

It’s unfortunate; size, it seems, does matter. And that is never truer than with social media where too many people focus on the size or number of followers for their twitter account, Facebook friends or business page fans. Certainly the bigger your audience, the better your chance of generating business, but many people seem more […]