March 27, 2020

All bad things should come to an end

When a broker fails you, cut your losses. (Flickr photo by cooling) There isn’t a seller who doesn’t begin to wonder what his or her broker is doing wrong as the weeks and months pass without an offer. Yet the silence may have nothing to do with the quality or performance of the broker. For […]

What buyers, sellers and brokers don’t know about rooms could fill a book. . . and it does!

Granted you are more likely to worry about the amount of square footage in a co-op, condo or townhouse than the precise number of rooms when judging the price. But room count is neither irrelevant nor debatable in the eyes of the New York City Administrative Code. Nor is it acceptable–legal or ethical–for a broker […]

Let us all praise honorable brokers

A casual buyer to whom I’ve sent listings and shown apartments occasionally over the last year or two called me not long ago to say that he’s found the one he wants to purchase. It is in Fort Green, Brooklyn, and I have yet to see the studio. But he wanted me to represent him. […]

When is a bedroom not a bedroom?

How often have you walked into an apartment in New York City that is being marketed with more bedrooms than truly exist?