February 18, 2020

If you want a doorman building, go condo

It’s just about the next best thing in Manhattan to having a chauffeured limousine always at your disposal. That would be living in a doorman building. Door personnel and concierges obviously do like to get paid for their work, and that means you’ll fork over plenty in common charges or maintenance fees to live in […]

Even brokers sometimes need brokers

Consider the real estate broker whom I’ll call Seth, whose experience he recounted recently while my client was taking measurements of the condo that it is to be his in a month.   Seth and his wife recently went into contract to purchase for more than $5 million a Jersey City, N.J. property.   As […]

Where is single-family house minus ground floor?

I’ve never seen a single-family house without a ground floor.  Have you?

When is a bedroom not a bedroom?

How often have you walked into an apartment in New York City that is being marketed with more bedrooms than truly exist?