February 23, 2020

The NYTimes focuses on the Fantastic Phil Faranda

This week’s Lucky Striker in the Spotlight is Phil Faranda of J. Philip Real Estate who was the main focus of a New York Times piece on the increasing tech savviness (and serve-iness) of quality real estate brokers.

Here’s an excerpt:

February 24, 2011

A For-Sale Sign With Brains


Phil in the field: Filming a video property tour

IN 1996, when J. Philip Faranda started out in real estate, he never left home without a beeper, a day planner in a three-ring binder on the passenger seat of the car and a street atlas on the back seat. Those items and a fax machine in his home office, as well as a voice-mail account with the telephone company, he said, “made me a big shot.”

“Looking back,” said Mr. Faranda, the owner of J. Philip Real Estate in Briarcliff Manor, “those were like the days of the Model T Ford in my business, especially compared to what’s happening now.”

Several years ago, he tapped into the Internet and became even more of a player with social networking tools like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

But like many other real estate agents, he has since moved on to even more sophisticated technology.

These days, when Mr. Faranda lists a home, he greets sellers with an iPad, a smartphone equipped with a GPS navigation system and a small video camera, among other things. His bag of tricks includes an array of apps that enable him to calculate mortgage payments, create Web sites on the spot, draw up floor plans and broadcast house tours on YouTube.

“To be competitive in today’s market,” he said, “I have to carry my office in my hip pocket.” Describing himself as “an obsessive blogger,” he also stays in touch with clients by using his cellphone to transmit bulletins from the field, along with photos that illustrate dos and don’ts for successful transactions, the no-nos including a messy-looking house, a dirty litter box and dishes piled high in the sink.

The full article can be found here.


  1. Once again, Phil shows why he is one of the best in the business. Congrats buddy. You deserve it!

  2. Ryan Hinricher says

    Phil, congrats on the article. I still meet agents who are in the model T world, though I have to say the average NY/NJ/CT RE professional is ahead of many of the ‘interior’ parts of the US. As an obsessive blogger too, I’m curios; do you use your iPad for heavy lifting such as blogging? I’m still using a netbook or notebook for those functions (though I’m experimenting with dragon dictation).