February 26, 2020

[Video] Bill Lublin Succeeds by Showing LSSMCers How NOT to #fail

A wonderful presentation by Social Media Marketing Institute CEO, Bill Lublin, on the Top Five Ways to #Fail in Social Media. Here’s the full video of the speech. Add your favorite takeaways to the comments section below….


  1. Although the lighting is a bit off, the content is excellent. I really have to thank Bill again for coming in to do this talk and spend some great time at Lucky Strikers. Really, such a great night.

  2. So when you post a photo to twitpic, someone needs to develop a tool (if not already) to put a huge watermark with you email or website on what you upload to twitpic so they get intellectual property rights to a photo they can’t use and that points their visitors to contact you for the original.