April 6, 2020

Why you are (we are) here

As we’re aware the LSSMC has been around for a while, over a year. People came for the fine dining and even better company.

Some attendees are no longer around for various reasons.Those that remain are professionals in this crazy RE field and have much to offer.

We are here to support each other and promote ourselves. When I say "here" I mean membership<strong> and</strong> this blog-site. Membership grants rights and imposes obligations every day. This blog is merely the megaphone for that effort.

I think the easiest approach to adopt is to say what you do and/or why your’e different (better) and what you think about the industry or your market. It’s that simple. The "Social Media" component of the LSSMC is the data and the informaton and the knowledge and the wisdom each of us possess regarding our job, vocation, profession and passion.

Make it known, make it spread.